About me

When I open my bedroom window in the morning and witness the sunrise over the misty meadows I'm filled with gratitude and appreciation. Overflowing with excitement I grab my camera and rush outside to capture the moment. These are the times that I feel most alive, seeing and feeling that moment intuitively. My photography reflects this inner perception, my own unique way of seeing. With my photos I seek to make people notice the beauty that is all around us, just as I do.How often are we in such a rush that we don't see the gems that have been put in our path? We just need to slow down and look. 

I have a passion for nature photography, but also developed an interest in urban photography and cityscapes while living in New York until 2012. I'm also a passionate wedding photographer working from my hometown Baarn in the Netherlands, where I live with my husband Frank, two kids Rianne and Sjoerd and labradoodles Dakota and Bailey.